Sewer Cleaning Chicago

Is your sewer backed up? Are you experiencing flooding in your home? If so, our skilled plumbers can help! Click to Call 773-295-4884 for 24-hour, emergency service for Sewer Cleaning Chicago!

Our plumbing technicians are trained to deal with flooding due to sewer backups. We can help you remove the water from your flooded home, replace or repair your sewer line, and discuss whether a backup power source may be needed.

Jesse the Plumber can help you outfit your home to ensure every precaution possible is taken to prevent flooding in your home from happening again. Some things your plumbers and your family may consider implementing following a flooding episode: backup sump pump or generator, exterior or interior drains, and sealing foundation flaws and cracks.

What you can do until help arrives.

  • Gather precious belongings and artwork – put them in a safe place.
  • Lift furniture and wood-based items onto pieces of wood or foil to keep them away from wet floor or carpeting.
  • In summer, put on air conditioning to decrease moisture.
  • Remove excess water (blotting and mopping).
  • Remove loose items.
  • Set wet cushions and pillows out to dry.

What you should NOT do.

  • Do not turn on any electric devices as outlets may be damaged and can be an electrocution hazard.
  • Do not leave any cushions, paper goods (books, magazines, photos), or fur or leather goods in a flooded space.
  • Safety first! Assess the safety of the area before entering. If the possibility of mold or bacteria is present, outfit yourself with proper gear (goggles, boots, gloves, etc) or wait for a professional to arrive.
  • The deeper the water, the greater the danger. Do not, under any circumstances enter a deeply flooded basement.

Let us help you protect your basement from flooding. Click to Call 773-295-4884 to speak to a customer service representative, and we will dispatch a certified-technician. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we are available for any plumbing emergency including sewer cleaning Chicago. Our staff can dispatch an emergency plumber Chicago to your home for service within 1 hour.  We also provide Chicago water heater repair service as well as all other plumbing assistance you may need. 

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